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Laughing Crow Productions partnered with Austin Ross to produce this music video, Take Me to the Sea, about gender dysphoria by up-and-coming writer/director Amy West.
Laughing Crow Productions began in Santa Fe in 2010 to produce high quality films and draw from New Mexico's diverse talent.
Our current production, Taco Valley, filmed in October of last year in New Mexico. Based on a script by Bradd Hopkins and Valerie Moore, it is currently in postproduction.
The film is produced in partnership with the New Mexico Film Resource with Gene Mederos as Associate Producer.
Reflecting the true ethnicities and diversities of New Mexico, Taco Valley is a comedy driven by an engaging ensemble of quirky characters and will surely become a favorite family destination for a breath of fresh air, a good laugh, and a visit to the Land of Enchantment.
Nestled in a wrinkle in the harsh but beautiful northern New Mexico landscape is the tiny town of Taco Valley, where everyone wants to get out but no one wants to leave.
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