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Shooting of Taco Valley completed at four minutes after midnight on October 22, 2013. The footage went straight into postproduction, and came out at 28:15 TRT on March 10, 2014.

The initial cut has been re-edited for a second wave of submissions to the film festival circuit at a TRT of 15:33. It’s a lot more snappy and engaging for contemporary audiences, and the story remains intact.

Taco Valley, written by Valerie Moore and Bradd Hopkins, is a comedic short film set in a hardscrabble small town in Northern New Mexico, where everybody wants to get out, but nobody wants to leave. Nestled in a wrinkle in the Northern New Mexico landscape, Taco Valley was unofficially founded in 1680 by a converso from the Spanish colonial forces. Chased by Tewa Indians into a remote canyon, the converso eventually settled in what is now Taco Valley, a small town striving to put itself on the map—any map!

The eclectic ensemble cast of Taco Valley residents/characters mirrors the ethnic and cultural diversity of its more famous neighbor, Santa Fe, in a fresh character-driven comedy about Northern New Mexico, Northern Exposure style. Taco Valley is inhabited by an array of practicing artists, artisans, craftspeople and assorted oddballs.

Taco Valley is an official selection of the Twin Rivers Media Festival (2014), the White Sands International Film Festival (2014), and the Laughlin International Film Festival (2014).
Taco Valley was produced under a SAG-AFTRA Short Film Agreement.


Bonifacio Gurule as "Laughing Crow"

Rene Reyes as "Smitty"
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Maura Dhu Studi as "Carmen"
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Timothy Nolen as "Doc"
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Valeria Alarcon as "Ruby Vidalia"

Carolyn Bell as "Carol"

Jerry E. Williams as "Bob Wingnut"
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Robert Urias as "Florio"
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Jade Kammerman as "Ethnicity"
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And introducing Magdalena Salazar...
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Gene Mederos: Associate Producer
Kevin Lancaster: Script Supervisor
Nancy Kantrowitz: 1st Assistant Director
Marcos Abeyta: 2nd Assistant Director
Corey Weintraub: Director of Photography
Bil Clement: Sound Recordist
Stephen H. Lewis: Production Designer
Shannon Latham: Set Dresser
James Bunker: Construction Assistant
Joan Siebens: Production Manager
Shannon Latham: Locations Manager
Zacharay James Heller: Locations Assistant
Caitlyn Frost: Production Assistant
Craig Clark: EPK Camera and Stills
Lori Potter: Continuity Stills Photographer
Nolan Rudi: 2nd Camera
Diana Petterson: Camera Assistant
Jyl Murray: Craft Services
Kathryn Reif: Craft Services Manager
Lindsay Qualls: Craft Services Assistant
Karri Hutchinson: Wardrobe Supervisor
Kaylene Pino: Lead Make-Up
Sammie Chinigo: Lead Hairdresser
Mick Rocks: DIT
Patrick Reid: Gaffer/Lighting
David Pino: Key Grip
James Bunker: Grip
Marco Rios: Grip
Cody Ulrich: Set Medic
Stephanie Coulthard: Set Medic
Debra Minyard: Set Teacher
Mary Ann Andrews: Chanelle's Trainer/Handler
Frances Cabeen: Ebony's Trainer/Handler
Steve Ortega: Horse Wrangler
Beth Persky: SAG Liaison/Production Counsel

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