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Debt to Society

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Debt to Society is a micro-budget short film, produced in part by the Film Technician Training Program at Santa Fe Community College in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the Summer 2011 semester.
Set in a prison in a harsh future time, a prisoner pays a dear price when his number comes up in a prison lottery.
Principal photography was done in Santa Fe and in Espanola, New Mexico.
Laughing Crow is delighted to have original music written and performed by Rene Reyes in Debt to Society. Rene has licensed songs to over a dozen films including Price of Glory (Jimmy Smits), Saving Silverman, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Collateral (Tom Cruise) and Seven Pounds (Will Smith).
Debt to Society is an official selection of the Northwest Ohio Film Festival (2012) and the Taos Shortz Film Fest (2013).

Director and Screenwriter: Bradd Hopkins
Producer: Valerie S. Moore
Associate Producer/Mentor: Sarah Loeppke
Casting Director: Linda Holley
Production Coordinator: Joan Siebens
Mentor/SFCC Advisor: Monique Anair
First Assistant Director: Kevin Kent Jones
Production Designer: Stephen H. Lewis
CGA: Bradley Gray
Property Master: David Forlano
Director of Photography: Corey Weintraub
Second Camera: Doug Gerash
Sound Recording: Bil Clement
Script Supervisor: Kevin Lancaster
Music: Rene Reyes
Craft Services Manager: Caro Waterman
Grip Truck: Stu Goswick
Grip: Raphael Aviles
Make-up: Andriana Oakley and Karrie Hutchinson
Xavier: Rene Reyes
Velia: Valeria Alarcon
Arturo: Sequoyah Adams-Rice
Elena: Jy Prishkulnik
Warden: James L. Sicard
Matron: Nicole Lujan
Margaret: Linda Holley
Man #1: Garwood Knutson
Man #2: Cliff Garstka
Surgeon #1: Bruce G. Holbrook
Surgeon #2: Lovie Johnson
Nurse: Andrea Kepple
Anesthesiologist: Lynda Fazio
Janitor: Chris Mills
Guard #1 (Capt.): John Nussbaumer
Guard #2: Eric D. Young
Guard #3: Jarod Larance
Guard #4: Ron Weisberg
Prisoner Extra: Miquel Salazar
Prisoner Extra: George Lewis

"Solamente Tu" by Rene Reyes was featured in Debt to Society.Enjoy the music! This video, produced by Craig Clark, features Rene Reyes and Valeria Alarcon. Rene and Valeria have signed to act in Laughing Crow Productions' coming short comedic film Taco Valley.

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