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Jade Kammerman as DANA,
and Tana Batis as DANA'S FRIEND

Valerie Moore. Porsche 997 Turbo courtesy of Paul and Yvonne.
The Writer's Room

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The Writer's Room Poster
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In The Writer’s Room, a chauvinistic screenwriter loses control of his script when his female character and his muse rebel against his treatment of women. Laughing Crow Productions announces “The Writer’s Room” filming in Santa Fe.
Laughing Crow Productions will film the independent short film, "The Writer’s Room" by Caitlyn Frost, in July in Santa Fe. Frost’s short script was a contender in the 2014 Athena Competition judged by Helen Jayce and sponsored by New Mexico Women in Film.
The production features Catharine Pilafas (The Ridiculous 6, The Night Shift, Manhattan) and Donal Thoms-Cappello (20 Seconds to Live, Broad Strokes, The Red Machine) and co-stars Leslie Harrell Dillen and Valerie Moore, with Jade Kammerman, Amber Pohl, and Julia Harris.
The production will employ at least twenty New Mexico crew members, nine actors, and approximately ten extras. It is shooting under a SAG Short Film Agreement.
Directed by Bradd Hopkins and produced by Bradd Hopkins and Valerie Moore. Corey Weintraub (The Avengers, Breaking Bad, Manhattan) is Director of Photography.
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Catharine Pilafas as Kate; Donal Thoms-Cappello as Mark

Donal Thoms-Cappello as Greg/Mark

Catherine Pilafas as Kate/Meg

Valerie Moore as Thalia

Leslie Harrell Dillen as Melpomene

Amber Rose as Susan

Julia Harris as Amy

Catharine Pilafas as Kate; Donal Thoms-Cappello as Mark

Director: Bradd Hopkins
Producer: Valerie S. Moore
Director of Photography: Corey Weintraub
First Assistant Director: Nancy Kantrowitz
Casting Director/2AD: Rene Reyes
Production Manager: Joan Siebens
Production Designer: Stephen H. Lewis
Art Assistant: Keiko Giacona
Make-up: Sammie Gendron
Wardrobe: Karen Hutchinson
Second Camera:
Sound Recording: Eric Shultz
Script Supervisor: Kevin Lancaster
Digital Imaging: Meghan Noce
Music: Rene Reyes
Craft Services Manager: Jorge Genaro Ortiz
Key Grip/Lighting: Ryan Halsey
Grip: Cedric Griego
EPK & Stills Supervisor: Craig Clark
Focus Puller: Grant McAllister
Production Assistant: Amy Carlton
Prop Car Driver: Paul Teske
Special Thanks to Bill McMullen
Greg/Mark: Donal Thoms-Cappello
Kate/Meg: Catharine Pilafas
Thalia: Valerie Moore
Melpomene: Leslie Harrell Dillen
Susan: Amber Pohl
Amy: Julia Harris
Dana: Jade Kammerman
Dana's Friend: Tana Batis
Extras: Amparo Elisa Guerrero, Paula B. Harris, Lisa Wheeler Yvonne Teske, Paul Teske, Mike (Voice-Over): Timothy Nolen

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